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From Brittany - Tips to be a Leader instead of a "Boss"!

I'm excited for the era of BOSS BABE being thrown around non-stop to slowly come to an end.Not that I am not all about celebrating my fellow business babes but the whole premise of BOSS BABE never set well with me. I wanted to be someone that didn't focus solely on myself but the journey of my team as well.

I've always wanted my team to be in the spotlight and I have only NOW become comfortable with what I bring to the table skill and education-wise.

🌑 My biggest tip is to STOP trying to be what you perceive a "BOSS BABE" to be.

What do I mean by this? Stop sneaking a peek at your peer's "paper" aka stop looking at what they are doing and comparing your journey and outcomes. This can lead us to following a path that isn't our own. When we worry about others journey, we forget about our own.

🌓 Shift your focus from just ensuring your clients are happy to make sure your staff is prepared, trained, and also happy!

What will this do? By making sure your team is properly trained and prepared for the expectation of what the culture of your business has and how to keep their clients informed and satisfied you will be indirectly taking care of your clients. Create an environment where your team feels comfortable to address new ideas or issues!

🌕 Be connected with your team and maintain authentic relationships with them all!

Why & how can you do this? I have regular meetings and bring my authentic self to work every day. I keep an open-door policy for my team and keep myself accessible no matter if I'm in the studio or not. Make sure to take notes and share feedback related to more than just numbers and analytics.

I could write an entire essay on how to bring your authentic self into your business as a leader and will be working on a post or video soon!

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